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News this week in the Pi World



One more Friday we are gathered here dear brothers to adore our dear Raspberry Pi. Take the glorious path of bits and love Broadcom in all its versions to make of this, a better Pi World...

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Review: ZX Spectrum on Raspberry Pi


Reviewing Twitter, I've come across various news about ZX Spectrum emulation on Raspberry Pi, so I've wanted to review all the emulators we have available on this fantastic computer from the last century. Are you interested?... Of course!

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Winners of a license for Exagear Desktop 2.0


Thanks to all the participants. I hope you enjoy the application and send us your impressions. The winners of a Exagear Desktop license are...

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Fresh news about the Pi


A bit late, but I bring a post load of information relevant to your brain. I also remind you that the deadline for getting an Exagear Desktop software license is not over. You have until tomorrow to participate ... Here we go!

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Orange PI 2G-IOT for $10


New board to compete with low-cost ones like the Pi Zero W. These plates are proliferating because of their price and performance.

In this case, we find an ARM Cortex-A5 32 bit - 1GHz with 256MB RAM. The interesting thing is its connectivity: WiFi, FM Radio, GSM / GPRS, GPIO compatible with RPi, Bluetooth... All for 10 bucks. What do you think?. As always, the community is the one that has to manifest and we will see if it supports it in its first steps of life.

Link: cnx-software.com

Link: geeky-gadgets.com

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