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GameMaker Games on Raspberry Pi


The day has come!

As I told you here, I took months following in Twitter one of the developers of the engine GameMaker called Mike Dailly (@mdf200) waiting to take out some method to play thousands of games that have been developed with this game engine into the Raspberry Pi. Today they post for download three games to play them on Raspberry Pi.

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The Wonderful World of MicroSD Card Holder


Dimecard Android Jelly Bean on Amazon

Did you know that this thing exists?. Me neither until this morning. I usually store the MicroSD together with wires and practically form an ecosystem in the second drawer of my desk. I just wanted to leave a list of links where you can buy them...

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News this week in the Pi World


I begin Friday catching up on my feeds, and then I get to work. Some weeks I can't find interesting links to post here but today, when I thought it was not worth to post anything, I start to dive and find these interesting links. I thing they have earned a remarkable position in the Pi World. Do you think the same?...

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ODROID Magazine February 2016


We have available the latest issue of ODROID Magazine talking about the new ODROID-C0 replacing ODROID-W by popular demand. Also they discussed in an article how to run Windows 2000 with QEMU and the power of Cyanogenmod as an alternative to Android.

Link: magazine.odroid.com

Script for resize and upload an image file (Linux/OSX)


Yes, I have a lovely woman who loves me and a wonderful daughter. What do I do here?. Well, I woke up wanting to improve an script that was pending for years with which: Resize a png image, optimize, upload to ftp and copy the result to the clipboard with Markdown format. The code runs on both OSX and Linux...

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News this week in the Pi World


This week I've been quite active here. I've updated the Google Docs and I want to add at the end of the article on Friday an "extra" where you can meet interesting commands for the console... Check out inside the Pi World!

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