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Meet up: Learning Bash Linux on Raspberry Pi (Seville)


The next Wednesday, 14 September you have an appointment in the Meet up at Psykia Social Technology. I'll give you a talk about PiKISS used to automate the installation of software.

Link: meetup.com

Pi Streaming Presence Detector


When I was working in a office, I thought of a system for monitoring and to know where the hell my boss was. This hosted project on Github uses a Pi Zero to know a MAC localization. It use Arp to scan and locate IPs and the platform Initial state to monitoring data visually. As a programming language, Python.

Link: github.com > pi-sensor-free-presence-detector

News this week in the Pi World

Sorteo RPi

Bernardo delivering the Raspberry Pi 3 to me

Yesterday we had a meet up with Bernardo Ronquillo who show us some tools for the Raspberry PI. We talked about his course Learning to build intelligent robots where you can build a modular robot based on ROS. On the way, I was lucky to win a Raspberry Pi 3.

Today is Friday and we have dozen of interesting articles that I would like to share with you. I have compiled some of them in the weekly section of Pi World!... Engage!

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Preparing Your Raspberry for new projects of robots and Web Servers (Meetup)


Meetup in Seville to talk about tools for your Raspberry Pi's first boot.

Link: raspberryhack.com

Docker cloud with ODROID


Still alive!. This past week I have dedicated to give a facelift to the blog. I rewrote the backend using laravel framework. To launch to the public I still have a little more time and improve some other section and refactorize all the code.

In the meantime, I leave you with a series of articles about building a cloud with Docker using ODROID-C2, but you can also use it with any other SBC. In this series of articles, It use 5 boards to made a Docker cluster where his author fight with multiple operating systems to find the right and compiles Docker from the source. Very interesting.

Link: http://forum.odroid.com/

News this week in the Pi World


So yeah, I'm pretty offline at home these weeks. I'll see if I come back to my daily routine. Get married with a teacher who has two months it's difficult especially if you are a developer, hehe. Well, it's time to stay informed about the Pi World...

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