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Running SNES Classic Mini Emulator on Raspberry Pi


I could see it coming. The emulator installed on the famous Nintendo and SNES Classic Mini consoles can run on a Raspberry Pi because they share similarities in their hardware. Do you have one of these and want to know more?...

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News this week in the Pi World


We are here to see makers, developers, communities and bloggers, who strive every day to see their projects come true. Because of the admiration I have for them, I release a few lines every Friday to show it to you... The Pi World begins!

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News this week in the Pi World


The world of development boards is becoming increasingly competitive. We all know the situation and Eben doesn't seem to mind, as we won't see a new Raspberry Pi for another year. Meanwhile, others are trying to take advantage of the situation, but it's very difficult to go against a community like the one with the Pi. Today we'll see some news on the subject along with others. Don't miss it in the weekly summary of the Pi World.

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Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents - Third Edition (Free Ebook for a limited time)


From time to time Packt Pub publisher surprises us with books for our Raspberry Pi and today is one of those days, as they have put for download the book Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents, which requires no previous knowledge and where you will learn how to configure your operating system, listen to remote conversations, detect intruders using Motion Capture, show secret messages on an LED screen, and much more.

You can download it for a limited time at the following link.

Link: packtpub.com

News this week in the Pi World


Great success of the webinar this week! I thank you for the good reception and as always, I am not completely satisfied with the result, especially for the words that I repeat until satiety and for the simplest part that did not work to mount a light server Git, because of a silent installation of XCode at the last minute (Grr). However, the steps you see in the video are the right ones even if they didn't work for me. Otherwise, I will continue to report on the Pi at least on Fridays, and today is Friday. So there goes a ration of news about the Pi World.

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Tip: Automate Text Input in Commands


Sometimes it can be tedious to enter certain data in the command line, especially if you have to repeat it several times.

Imagine ftp command line authentication. We can make use of the expect command...

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