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Raspberry Pi Finder & PiBakery

rPi Finder

We have two great desktop applications that will allow us to configure with little complication our RPIS:

  • Raspberry Fi Finder Very useful when setting some parameters on your Raspberry Pi such as the hostname, SSID and password for your WiFi through SSH. Just connect your Pi via Ethernet to your network and this program will handle everything. Download link: learn.adafruit.com


  • PiBakery is another tool to graphically configure the Pi with many interesting features: Download the latest version of Raspbian, WiFi settings, add functions in the first boot... I find it curious that the installer has a size of 1.4 Gb. and once installed occupies 4 Gb. Link: pibakery.org

Ubuntu Minimal 16.04LTS for ODROID


Return to work after a short break. Glad to know you are here again. I slowly waking up from this technological lethargy with a server version of Ubuntu for the full range of ODROID boards. Not many more details for now, but if you are planning to make a server with one of the boards from Hardkernel, this is your chance to try a new alternative.

Link: cnx-software.com

Download: odroid.in

Decentralized server for holidays with Raspberry Pi


I don't know if I mentioned that I go on vacation to Girona (near Barcelona) soon and probably do not have WiFi wherever I go. I need a server with the following features:

  • Media Center to connect to the TV via HDMI/RGB.

  • Hotspot to connect remotely to the Pi from my iDevices (iPad, iPhone).

  • DLNA if I want to watch from my iPad some video through streaming.

  • Samba to download books or share from a HD.

  • To develop: Git, web server, MySQL and some other Framework.

I tell you my experience of how I've prepared a Raspberry Pi 2 using all the necessary software using as operating system DietPi. Everything in the next post.

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News this week in the Pi World


First wanted to say thanks as always to the public that occasionally or not, has made this humble blog exceeds 800,000 visits. Thanks to you I'm still here. I'm not in the 95% of humanity that consumes content. I've dedicated some of my time to distribute or produce it. I will take a much needed vacation and will return soon. But first, I'm not going without throw you a few news directly to your occipital lobe. Come inside the post!

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Hotspot on DietPi


Something I've never tried is to create an Access Point (AP) to build in the Pi a small network. This network can be descentralized or not. If you have internet, it can be useful to filter content from/to a network through the internet, and if you don't have internet connection (you are far away from civilization), can share files, create a web server for testing,... Today we'll see this second case using hostapd with a wireless inexpensive adapter that maybe you have in your desk. I'll use as operating system DietPi although it may work with other Debian based distros.

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Open Source Robotic project (Spain course)


A great course in Seville (Spain) to learn the amazing world of Robotic science with ROS.

Link (spanish): roboticaeuropa.org

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