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News this week in the Pi World


Last week I could not move a finger and at the beginning of this I started a review about C.H.I.P. board. While I post it, let's take a look at what happened in this exciting and growing world of development Boards...

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Configure bluetooth device on Debian


Last week I've been sick, but today I woke up more recovered. C.H.I.P. units are arriving, and last week received mine with which I hope to make it as good as reviewed by jvlob here (spanish post).

Some people mail me about config bluetooth devices on Linux. I leave here a few simple steps to those who do not give the way to do it.

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60 core Raspberry Pi 2 Cluster-in-a-box


Through a Slack channel commented to me about this project did not know and that I was surprised by their appearance. A user has pluged in no more and no less than 15 Raspberry Pi in this monstrous box with which you can invoke Arioch.

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Raspbian image for Emulators+Steam+Media Center


The creator of this fantastic custom distro tell me if he could advertise its image here so that you may know. My pleasure Jordi!. The main features:

  • Multimedia Center Full HD@1080p
  • Game Center with emulators with the main consoles
  • Center for streaming games (similar to Steam Link)
  • movies, TV Shows and TV channels streaming player
  • Multimedia sports content(SopCast and AceStream)
  • Music, video and online radio Player
  • Download Manager pyLoad + torrent (with remote control)

You can download it here (MEGA)

To extend this info, please visit the original post (Spanish).

News this week in the Pi World

RPi Zero

Happy New Year to everyone. Here we are again to report the best for the best boards. Today we will review the international scene with some links that I find very interesting. Come on!...

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misapuntesde.com 2015 sumary (Part II)


It is a time of nostalgia, and looking back I see they have been many and varied post this year, where we have seen in around 150 post guidelines, developments, birth of new boards,... Although technological progress has not been spectacular, increasingly we find plates at a competitive price that can unfold like a desktop computer. We are reviewing and finish in the new year than I have offered in this humble blog...

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