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MAME 0.177 for Raspberry Pi


Steve is a British guy who now lives in USA. We have common hobbies: Macs and Raspberry Pi. Testing new alternatives to mame4allpi, I have encountered his binary based on the latest version 0.177, which I've tested and is fabulous in the new RPi3, especially in support ROM not supported by mame4allpi whose code is based on version 0.127b5.

Link: choccyhobnob.com

News this week in the Pi World


My father had a business of arcade machines. I think Frogger and Galaga were the first I played in my childhood. Very excited to see a reproduction that reminded me those times (this week'm a little homesick). All this and more in this your section of Pi World... Let's inside!

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OpenELEC ended his development?


If ye have not noticed, we have no new version for half a year. I was reading today at lakka.tv and I could not believe it, but it seems the development of one of the best MediaCenter could come to an end. Or not?...

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openMSX 0.13.0 for Raspberry Pi


Patrick, member from openMSX Team has invited me to compile and prepare a binary for the community. So here I leave it for Raspberry Pi. It's version 0.13.0 and if you choose to install from PiKISS will be able to choose to install the binary or automatically compile it (it takes about 50 minutes, so be patient). I leave you with the link to the binary and another surprise ...

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News this week in the Pi World


OdroidXU4 file/media server

Nothing to declare. News, news, news and read it quickly...

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Deploy with rsync


Deploy for developers means that we upload the changes we have on our development server or local, to production (your hosting provider usually).

There are many ways to do this: ftp, scp, Git, Fabric, Envoy, rsync, etc. Today I want to show you the script I use on every web project to upload changes, based on rsync. For me it's the easier and safer method.

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