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Review 2017 at misapuntesde.com


Well, I wanted to spend this last Friday of the year with you and I have decided to review the most interesting articles published this year in your humble blog. So we all have it as a reference in case you need any of them. Some of them were forgotten in memory, so I hope to refresh for you too and if you're new to this land, you'll catch up in a minute. Ready to go?

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Merry Christmas and a happy new year from My notes about the Pi!


From here I send you my best wishes. I hope to come back to the normality in the blog again soon. What we are facing next year we do not know, but surely we will have to entertain and learn.


News this week in the Pi World


Image from raspberrypi.org

Yes, this week I'm here even if it's late, to bring you a ration of news from the Pi World. You bring the drink, don't you?...

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Smart Internet of Things Projects (free Epub)


I'm a bit lost completing projects before the end of the year, but today I wanted to take the opportunity to recommend this book thanks to PacktPub.

This book contains IoT projects such as building a smart temperature controller, creating your own vision machine project, building an autonomous mobile robot car, controlling IoT projects through voice commands, building IoT applications utilizing cloud technology and data science, and many more.

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News this week in the Pi World


Here I am taking advantage of a moment of peace and quiet in my room, listening chiptune music and updating my Google Docs after a week of hard work... Let's go with the best of the Pi World!

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News this week in the Pi World


I still have this book about Machine Language for MSX

This week I went to a hardware store to buy a light bulb. There I met an acquaintance from the neighborhood, no one with whom I have exchanged more than a couple of phrases in my life. And he said: "Hey, the other day looking for a MSX emulator, I found your blog and I'm freak out when I saw it was yours!". Then we began to remember these days when you were a kid and you had all the time in front of your computer to play or program in BASIC.

These situations tell me I'm a few years old, yes. But I'm glad to know that there are people who read this blog near me. I see people from all over the world come to read misapuntesde, especially from the USA, so today I dedicate this Pi World to you, my dear reader. Open without knocking, it's always open...

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