MArketing tips to send your own project


The most important thing for an online store or when selling your own development, is to reach the widest possible range of audiences in order to give to know. Email is the oldest method to convey this information to an individual or company, but also the most effective.

In the world of development boards are proliferating independent projects and followers of this new trend.

Today I am going to talk about email marketing with Mail Relay

Mailrelay, email marketing

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You have many posibilities nowadays to spread your development and thanks to social networks and crowdfunding, showing is much easier.

Mail Marketing try to use the e-mail as a means of comunication between senders and receivers. To reach this objective, you can use newsletter, contest and another similar mass media.

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Mail Relay is the undispute king in this kind of adversiting and will help you send emails to the sector they will be able to interest and best of all, tailored to your needs for precise control through a control panel: Being in touch with our subscribers and customers, statistics, free templates and many more.

Link: Mail Relay

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