Lakka new release for Raspberry Pi 2 & ODROID-C1


New version of which has become my favorite operating system for emulation. Updated the official version for all platforms and officially added Raspberry Pi 2 and ODROID-C1. The most important changes are...

On all platforms aspects such as shaders, cores and update packages are improved.

Raspberry Pi 2:

  • New snes9x-next, with better sound and compatibility

Known bugs:

  • Launching RetroArch is slow (10+ sec)

  • Launchin a game is slow (10+ sec)

  • The menu is laggy (30fps)

  • No audio on the N64 emulator


  • snes9x-next & pcsx_rearmed works flawlessly

Known bugs:

  • No vsync, so there is some tearing on some games

  • No N64 emulation, it segfaults on launch

  • The menu is too fast (130fps)

You can see videos for both platforms in the next link.


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