Happy B


I don't consider me a blogger. Or maybe I should ask what this word means to me. I see as follows: Members of a group (ie programmers, makers, chef, etc...) that reflect their progress/advances in a blog. Most share their code or cookbook so that it can improve together.

I didn't have any exciting project for so long. The path of a Freelance is not being an easy way and I spend all the time writing code or learn how to improve it. Maybe a don't manage my time well and having digital Diogenes syndrome can't help, or lose my time finding content that is not mine to save it "because can be useful in a future". That's the goal I've always had with the blog and Google Docs. Fortunately, in the way I have met many of yours. A few comments in articles, any conference when we met, for me was worth to continue with the blog.

This reflection that looks like a goodbye, it is quite the opposite. Today is my birthday, so I will try to propose me some goals, just because I'm tired of my routine and still expect me to stay half a century of life to prosper in all areas, especially as a person and developer.

I still want to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. Here I will continue to inform you and make an effort to offer more quality content.


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