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Best roadmaps for developers 2024 Edition

Jose CerrejonAbout 2 minDeveloper

Best roadmaps for developers: 2024 Edition

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This post was updated on June 23, 2024.

The best part that you are reading my blog is that I don't need to convince you with tons of resources like a dirty trickster to follow me. The resources I share with you are the best roadmaps for programming languages I found, now in 2024. Those are my personal preferences, and here are not all the language programming, only the ones I'm interested in according to my career, but I'm sure you will find them useful.


If you like Laravel, you probably follow Povilas Korop, the creator of Laravel Daily. He has a great roadmap for Laravel and is very updated.

Link: in new window


For PHP, I recommend the roadmap from PHP The RightWrong Way. It's a very complete guide for beginners and advanced users. You have a lot of resources and tutorials to start with PHP, from the basics to the advanced.

Link: phpthewrongway.comopen in new window | OK, here you have the link to phptherightway.comopen in new window too.


I'm not like front-end, but as a freelance, I need to know the basics. I chose the roadmap from geeksforgeeks because It's very complete and updated. Check the tutorials and resources they provide (very useful, but ssh!... Don't tell anyone).

They have a MERN roadmapopen in new window too, but I'm not a big fan of that stack. Maybe because I haven't used it yet. Do you recommend it?

Link: in new window

Open Source Guides

If you are interested in contributing to open-source projects, you should check the next guides. They have a lot of resources and guides: Starting an open source project, contributing, licensing, best practices, and more.

Coded with love by GitHub and friends.

Link: opensource.guideopen in new window

Developer roadmaps

If you are a developer, you should check the roadmap from Kamran Ahmedsopen in new window. It's a very complete guide for people like you. From role to basic & advanced skill.

Link: roadmap.shopen in new window

I will leave you with another great resource called Exercism: A platform that provides coding exercises for different programming languages. Practice your skills and learn new languages.

Link: exercism.orgopen in new window


Too many devs always recommend learning Data Structures and Algorithms with the Princeton University courses (Part Iopen in new window, Part IIopen in new window). I'm not a big fan of that course and they are a bit boring.

If you are interested in this topic, you really should check the roadmap from Techie Delightopen in new window. They have a lot of resources and tutorials with practical examples.

Final thoughts

Being a developer or starting a new career in programming is a challenge. Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed, but with the right resources, you can achieve your goals.

I forgot to mention If you are a complete newbie, you should check the CS50’s Introduction to Computer Scienceopen in new window from Harvard University. It's a great course to start with the right foot.

I'm sure you will find this post useful. 😄