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RPi Cam Web Interface


Very good project for those who have the Raspi-Cam and do not want headaches when it is displayed in a web interface. It has served me as a surveillance system for a few days. It has many options for timelapse, motion capture, etc ...

One note. To switch off the red led, edit the file /boot/config.txt and add at the end:


Link: elinux.org

Link: github.com > silvanmelchior/RPiCamWeb_Interface

Link: sitepoint.com

Digital media conversor


This is a sponsored post. You can read it in spanish here.

Static IP with network manager


Quick note about setting up out static IP with this app from cli. First we install it with:

sudo apt install -y network-manager

we can see all available ssid with:

nmcli device wifi list

To connect:

sudo nmcli device wifi connect '(your wifi network name/SSID)' password '(your wifi password)' ifname wlan0

and you are done.

News this week in the Pi World


It seemed like it was not time to get a new version of the official operating system for our revered Raspberry Pis. Although they are still betting for the 32 bits due to the compatibility with old boards, this week has come to us in Desktop and Lite versions. It will be my turn to review PiKISS and see that nothing has been broken. But while I take bandages and bandages to repair the damage, you can have a refreshment and enjoy the best that the net has given birth this week. Hey, ho, let's go!

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Hardkernel release ODROID-HC1 Home Cloud


ODROID-XU4 has a great octa-code, Gygabit and USB 3.0 among other wonderful features, that make it perfect for a system of storage in our LAN. Now we have a new board for the cloud called ODROID-HC1 based on the design of the first one with a very competitive price. They have eliminated all the unnecessary to create a plate exclusive for the storage, so you will not be able to connect nothing by HDMI, USB 3.0 (although it comes with USB 2.0 connector, keep calm) or eMMC. We have a SATA to connect a hard drive and soon we will see his brother the ODROID-HC2, scheduled for November this year. Its price, $49.

Link: cnx-software.com

Link: forum.odroid.com

News this week in the Pi World


Electric Dreams is a movie of those that you are recorded in your mind when you see it. It's about a computer that comes alive and falls in love with the neighbor of the owner and both fight for the love of that young Virginia Madsen. It has an eighty sound track with moments that you remember all your life. It's from 1984 and this week has been on Blu ray for the British market and has reminded me that it was one of my favorites in those years when it was a must visit on Fridays, go to the blockbuster to rent movies. In fact I still keep it on VHS.

Let's go with the best of the Pi & ODROID World!...

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