12MB Minimal Image for Raspberry Pi using the Yocto Project

The Yocto Project

Image created by the prestigious blog cnx-software using Yocto Project tool and explanation of how to create your own distro. What will you get? An image with just 43 MB occupied space and 20 MB RAM used.

Something that I've always liked it every time a new version of Ubuntu, customize it to create an iso image with my favorite packages: proprietary drivers, upgraded, essential applications to me... Also did the same with XP and XPlite (Do you remember this application?, What times!).

This is a pending task I had in mind these days after seeing the extraordinary work being done by @Manel Alonso to Cubieboard with his own distro called Cubieez. Congratulations!.

The Yocto Project is a platform that will allow us to build an embedded Linux distribution that exactly matches the needs of our projects.

Now I can think about a distribution with no Scratch or graphical environment, or software you will not ever use, lightweight, XBMC and emulators loaded ready to use, with NFS and Midnight Commander of course :P

Do we turn dreams into reality?

Link: cnx-software.com - 12MB Minimal Image for Raspberry Pi using the Yocto Project

Download: rpi-basic-image-raspberrypi-20130702123605.rootfs.rpi-sdimg.7z (12 MB)

NOTE: Login with as root without password.

Link: yoctoproject.org

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