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I'm back!

The bad thing is that you come vacation more tired than you leave, at least that's the feeling I get, but I have some ideas that have emerged for the blog. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile. What do you think if we are going over the news that have come to our Raspi this week?

mechanical relay control


What I like about RSPPI are their funny articles and how well it explains the process for all projects. This time, use a mechanical relay connected to the Pi and teaches us to use it.

Translated link: RSPPI - Control de rele mecanico

Audio and lights controlled by a Raspberry Pi

Iain Hamilton has carefully worked to get a home automation and control Spotify Premium (Pandora on the way), their Raspberry and the lights in the house with an elegant and useful PHP interface as you can see in the video.

Link: BeakPi

Occidentalis 0.2

The guys from Adafruit have upgraded their Raspbian based distro with hardware oriented to management SPI, I2C, one wire and WiFi support for their products. Only for advanced users like you.


C64 emulator

Shea promises that in the next release of PiMAME will include a C64 emulator. Meanwhile a user gives instructions through their forum to install VICE on PiMAME or Raspbian if you can't wait.

Link: PiMAME forum

Beginner's Guide: choose your development board

We have other PCBs which as you know, they are making a dent in the market. In this article it present some of them.


Paula Juiz Blog: Projects come true

I found this profile from Twitter by chance, and although his blog has little content, I think we will surprise more than one in the future. For now teaches us to install Postfix as a mail server and install a video surveillance system. Good luck Paula!

Spanish Link:

Scanning old films using a Raspberry Pi

Kinograph - Project Intro from matthew epler on Vimeo.

This is a curious project that caught my attention. It pretend to get the scanning process of old film (8, 16 and 35mm) goes out cheaper. The result is amazing as you can see in the video.



starter kit

Arduino's Clone. The only thing that has been removed are the benefits

In just five days has achieve Harold Timmis found his project to create a PCB Arduino Leonardo's clone with a cost about $9. Maybe I get any of them. It explains very well in the indiegogo website what we will get if we buy one of their boards.




We have new distro based on Debian Wheezy with many features that make it interesting: kernel 3.6.11, fits 512 cards or 1 GB, support WIFI dongles, login screen in 10 seconds, ext2,...

Link: pipaOS

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