Watch playing online games thanks to on Raspberry Pi

Tara Babcock

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Would you like to see online games played by experts via streaming?. Channels dedicated to Dota 2, Minecraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Skyrim among others from home on your Raspberry Pi. Let's see!

[Background] is a video platform leader with over 38 million visitors per month. From there you can see and chat with users who are serving via streaming their games. No specific programming. In the main page only are users who have more viewers. You can create an account and follow channels. On Windows you can serve your games via streaming with OBS (free) or xsplit (licensed), but our goal is to watch the games at the highest resolution (even 1080p).

LiveStreamer is a command line interface (CLI) systems connecting various streaming like Dailymotion, Youtube Live among others, with your multimedia player.

Twitchscript is a Python script for Linux/Windows which lets you see streams using LiveStreamer under the command line. It comes by default for use VLC, but in our case we will use to omxplayer.

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Follow the next steps:

sudo apt-get install rtmpdump python-pip && sudo pip install livestreamer

Modify the lines 46-47:

#playerCommand = 'vlc'
playerCommand = 'omxplayer -o hdmi'

Set execute permission with chmod +x

and run: ./


NOTE: Thanks to David Rodríguez, @NeoDaVe for his collaboration.

Links: Youtube - How to Live Stream to Twitch Tv

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