Play Hurrican on the Pi!


Hurrican is a freeware jump and shoot game based on the Turrican game series. This is a SDL port compiled by myself.

A good game to play this weekend. Let's Go!

Hurrican port to OpenPandora

Warning: This port has fonts and tiles graphics issues, but it's perfectly playable.


Just download and untar with:

tar -zxvf Hurrican_Pi.tar.gz

To play, enter de Hurrican directory and type: ./hurrican

Support joystick and some languages including Deutsch, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Swedish. If you want to change the default english language, just rename your prefer on lang directory to english.lng and copy on Hurricane:

Example: cp /home/pi/Hurricane/lang/espanol.lng /home/pi/Hurricane/english.lng


NOTE: Thanks to user Pickle for his collaboration.

Download: > Hurrican_Pi.tar.gz (41.8 MB)

Link: Hurrican website

Link: > forum > Hurrican SDL Port