Mupen64Plus - N64 Emulator for the Pi

Nintendo 64

Not long ago we discussed the possibility of emulating the Nintendo 64 in our Raspberry Pi.

Many thought it was not possible, but a user began to rewrite the code to be executed on the GPU directly thanks to OpenGL ES 2.0 and now we can see ourselves the result...

We have a repository on Github with Mupen64Plus emulator source code. If you want to try before you will have to solve the following dependencies:

sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev

Now clone the repository with:

git clone

Enter into the directory and run: ./

With the compiled binary, we search a ROM and put it in the Pi and run: ./mupen64plus /home/pi/mario.n64. If you haven't got any available, you can try a demo with: ./mupen64plus m64ptestrom.v64

If you are interested in binaries, You can access an alpha released here

Forum: - Mupen64Plus - N64 Emulator for the Pi

Help: > WIP: Playable Nintendo 64 Emulator Available

UPDATE: The sound is choppy at 32000 Hz, and the speed is usually between 25-50 fps. Honestly impressed.


SuperMario 64

Download and play Super Mario 64!

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