OpenSUSE 13.1 available for Raspberry Pi


We have available a few days ago the latest version for *openSUSE 13.1*, both for desktop and *Raspberry Pi*. If you want to play around with this distro in your Raspi, let's see some features for you to have in mind...

  • Minimalist.

  • It is easier to resize because the root partition is the last one.

  • Compressed image is much smaller.

  • Reproducible image build, so easy to customize.

  • It is armv6 with floating point support, so could be faster.

  • Over 5200 successfully built packages from [openSUSE:Factory:ARM]( If you want to see package changes, here is a [log](

  • so for example you can install a minimalistic graphical environment with **zypper install xauth twm xorg-x11-server xinit** and start it with **startx**

Download: [raspberrypi-opensuse-20131110x.img.xz (104 MB)](

HOWTO: [](

Link: [](

Link: [openSUSE on RaspberryPi with ownCloud](