Streaming PC Games to Raspberry Pi with Limelight-Pi


The PC users with nVIDIA graphics accelerator are in luck. If you have a GPU of the GTX 600/700 series, you can send your games and play them streaming through the Raspberry Pi...


Limelight is an open source Java implementation of GameStream nVIDIA, but built for Linux/OSX/Windows.

Limelight Pi is still in a very early stage, but will transmit your Steam games to your TV through the network with the Pi.

Maybe is not a Steam Machine killer, but comes close.

Updated: A user has tried and it works!. He recommended that we install to solve input and audio problems the library libopus-dev. Thanks Felix Piechaczyk!.

Left Screen: Limelight Pi on Raspberry Pi - 720p, 30 FPS

Download: Limelight-pi v0.1 (Alpha)

Forum: > Limelight Pi

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