News this week on the Pi World


Begin April reviewed the panorama of raspberry with new OpenELEC version and commands that you should know to handle yourself with your Linux distribution...

  • OpenELEC launch beta 4.3: Earlier this week woke up with this new version called internally 3.95.3 with improvements in BCM2835 driver, xbmc 13 beta 3 updated and patches to the kernel among others. You can download the image from > OpenELEC-RPi.arm-3.95.3.img.gz (.img)

15 useful commands you should know: RPI is Linux, and as such, move freely through the console is our daily bread. gives us this great article in which we learn to use the feared console for neophytes.

  • Raspberry Pi - Admin Panel: This personal project seems elegant and very well executed. This is a panel for monitoring The Pi via web . You only need to install NodeJS. Link:

I leave you with a video that I liked about the differences between Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi.

Happy weekend!.

Comparing the Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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