PiKISS: Don't type a command in the Shell any more (Part II)


Today I want to show you the scripts list from my [PiKISS](https://misapuntesde.com/post.php?id=409) project that I gathered, and the scripts that I have provided to be included soon...

**NOTE:** Change log [here](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jmcerrejon/PiKISS/master/CHANGELOG)


  • *Joypad:* *WII* or *XBOX 360* devices config. | **Predicted:** Generic joypads.

  • *Netcfg:* Configure your network (wired or wireless) with a static IP.

  • **Predicted on this section:** *wlancfg-* Show a wireless list to config your AP (SSID).


  • *Mame4all:* Arcade machines emulator | **Predicted:** Option to install any legal *ROM*.

  • *Pifba:* It has support to *CPS1/2/3, NeoGeo*, among others.

  • *PiSNES:* *Super Nintendo (Famicon)* | **Predicted:** Option to install any legal *ROM*.

  • *RPiX86:* *x86* emulator | **Predicted:** Option to install a DOS game.

  • *Speccy:* *ZX-Spectrum* emulator which install a *freeware* game called [Ninjajar!](http://www.mojontwins.com/juegos_mojonos/ninjajar/)

  • **Predicted on this section:** *FSUAE*- Amiga emulator with *OpenGL ES support, 8086 emulator, MSX, PSX1, N64, Atari*. App to search & download *ROMs* from the command line (Just type a game name and download it without *captchas*).


  • *Crispy Doom:* Install *Doom 1/2, Hexen, Heretic or Strife* engine (and games).

  • *Quake2:* Install *Quake2* full version. | **Predicted:** *Quake 1 & 3*.

  • *Other games: Dune2, MineCraft, Sqrxz4*.

  • **Predicted on this section:** Games like Jedi Academy, Infinity Engine, Darkplace Quake Engine (I accept petitions).


  • *Plowshare:* Direct download from *hosters* like *uploaded or freakshare*, from the *Shell*.

  • *mp3 downloader:* Type a song or artist name and allows you download it from the *GrooveShark* network (registry is not necessary).

  • **Predicted on this section:** *Hotspot-*Convert your Pi in a Access Point.


  • *benchmark:* Bench your Pi with *nbench*.

  • *Check imgs:* Check the last image date from a few operating systems like *RetroPie, pipaOS, OpenELEC o PiPlay(PiMAME)* among others...

  • *CPU temp:* Show the *CPU* temp (in Celsius).

  • *Weather:* Type your city name and get the forecast from the next five days.

  • *Web Monitor:* Panel to monitorize through web browser some dates like *CPU, RAM, free disk space...*


  • *Airplay:* Install *rPlay* to make *iPhone/iPad* mirroring. You need a license key from the forum.

  • *Kiosk:* Images Slideshow. | **Predicted:** Option to load it on boot.

  • *XBMC:* Install *XBMC* ver. 12 (Dec. 2013). | **Predicted:** Install the last version from repositories.

  • **Predicted on this section:** mp3 players.


  • *db:* Install *MySQL*. | **Predicted:** Optimize *MySQL* instances and option to install anothers *BD* like *MariaDB, MongoDB,*...

  • *Printer:* Install and configure *CUPS*.

  • *Web:* *Apache or Monkey HTTP Server*. | **Predicted:** *Nginx, Cherokkee, Lighhttpd*.

  • *Webdav for Apache:* Install *Webdav* to your Pi. | **Predicted:** Another server services and *SSL*.

  • **Predicted on this section:** *Framework-* Install *Wordpress* among others, *VPN*,...


  • *Autologin.*

  • *Others:* Tweaks to optimize your system. | **Predicted:** More options.

  • *Remove packages.* | **Predicted:** More unneeded packages.

  • *Disable services* Disable useless daemons. | **Predicted:** More daemons.


  • *Aircrack:* Install *Aircrack-NG/Airoscript*. | **Predicted:** App to search insecure networks automatically.

  • *SDL2:* Compile *SDL2 (2.0.3)* | **Predicted:** Compile the lastest version available from the website.

  • *WhatApp:* Config *yowsup* script to send messages through this network.

Nothing more. If you have any ideas or want to incorporate a script, write it in the comments below. I hope you know a little more about the PiKISS concept. ;)