Tor or how to hide your tracks on the Internet

Tor Pi

By now we all know that each search direction we visit or comment that we make on the internet, like it or not, will be registered with our IP.

Tor becomes a project to not reveal our identity (IP) passing through other PCs and so leave our hidden secret to all kinds of requests corporations, governmental or not.

I admit that sometimes I have done internet searches undesirable and I'm ashamed. But surely you do this practice too. YES, I searched Youtube video of Rebecca Black or use Google to know how to shave without cutting.

But the NSA will not know this information because a user has prepared this script to convert Moebius Linux distribution in a whole onion router. It would be interesting to do the same for Raspbian, because I'm not a fan of the distribution that has used its author. It remains to incorporate into PiKISS.

Link: > inline-onion-pi

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