Raspbian Net Install+PiKISS = Perfect OS combination


This is not really a post, it's more a recommendation.

Yesterday I just got to try again Raspbian NetInstall UA, which is a Raspbian minimal distribution with minimal packages without much...

I tried on it PiKISS and to my surprise almost all the scripts works except some of it with missing packages.

I have found with the most optimized Raspbian OS existing. That's why I added a new script to the family to set some settings in this cropped version of Raspbian. You can find it in the Config section of PiKISS.

PiKISS RaspbNetIns

New script to config Raspbian UA Net Install

The result has been a considerable improvement in emulators. For example MAME4ALL runs at optimum speed without sound problems I always had in Raspbian with some roms (TMNT2).


Laura testing the distro. She is happy with the result.

I advise change. Your impressions in the comments.

Link: Raspbian UA NetInstall

Link: Mis Apuntes de > How to build your own OS with Raspbian Net Install

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