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Raspbery Pi

This week has been quite active on the blog and on Friday I stay on top, so the section is full of news today. The most anticipated: the sale of the Raspberry Pi modular version for large and small projects. But that's not all...

I wanted to remember that this week PiKISS has received some updates and added some new scripts: checklastmodimg, minidlna, Epiphany Web Browser, crispy-doom, Quake 2, MAME4ALL, Gameboy Advance & PCEngine.

  • PiFox, tribute to Star Fox: Earlier this week we saw proof of concept created by the Imperial College London. An independent game with 5800 lines of code with a Bare Metal system for ARM devices that you can visit on GitHub. As a curiosity, they've used a Raspberry Pi emulator called PiEmu with the source code available too. If you are left wanting more, here you can find a video of a Tetris multiplayer programed with about 4000 code lines in pure assembly code | > PiFox

  • Build Space Invaders with Python: In only 300 lines you can create this arcade classic if you like. It is a good start for those who want to learn programming or how to develop a video game | > Create Space Invaders on Raspberry Pi (part one) (part two)


Official distributions updated and a few more
  • NOOBS is updated and with it, all official distributions for Raspberry Pi: Great news for those who likes change their operating system often. This week we have renew with almost all distributions from the official website, including NOOBS | > Downloads
  • Compute Module Development Kit on the sale: Created to develop embedded projects or applications, this new Raspberry Pi simplifies the design process through a modular system to provide the necessary power to your ideas. Now you can buy at stores like element14 for about 158€ (£126.68).

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