Check online urls on a Markdown file (or another type)

keep calm

Sometimes we think that a task will be a cinch, seek on StackOverflow a solution and go to something else...

Really?!, Has rarely happened to me. It said that if you run into a problem, sure someone else has already solved and find the solution on the internet... This is the story of how I spent a couple of days searching how to extract from a Markdown file all links to check if they are still alive.

Sorry, the full article is too long and I don't want to translate. Simply run the next commands:

egrep -o 'https?://[^)"]+' articles.csv | sort | uniq > urls.log
wget --spider -nv -o wget.log -w 1 -i urls.log

Where articles.csv contain urls with another code like html or Markdown format.

If anyone tell me in the comments I'm lazy, I'll translate it.

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