Lessbian: Jessie Raspbian server


Unfortunate name for a distro... What do you think?

We are all waiting to jump from Wheezy to Jessie on Raspbian to obtain the latest packages of our applications for both server and personal use.

Today I found this ready server operating system wich you can use for any task...

Lessbian is a stripped down Jessie Rasbian containing minimal number of useful packages to create a headless WiFi server.

This is a specialized distro intended for experienced developers and security experts who want a working base system to configure according to their needs.

Latest versions of hostapd, dnsmasq, kismet, aircrack-ng, tor, reaver, nmap etc. are bundled

We have three versions to download:

  • lessbian-2014.09.11 Jessie with systemd and root mounted ro (root password raspberry), has separate XFS partition for /var

  • lessbian-2014.09.16 Jessie without systemd, and has /var/spool mounted in extended XFS partition (root password is lessbian). Wireless power management is off by default at kernel level.

  • lessbian-tiny-2014.09.18: absolute minimal image with kernel 3.16 and wifi support

Link: sourceforge.net > lessbian

Forum: raspberrypi.org

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