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Life of Pi

The Life of Pi

Week with lot of movement in this humble blog: Responsive web design, an average of 800 daily visitors, my first tutorial of the year about RetroArch with OpenELEC and reached 400,000 visits in 2 years...

Today we'll read news Banana/Raspberry Pi, and a cool video about ODROID-C1 running RetroArch...

RetroArch running on the framebuffer on ODROID-C1
  • piCore 6.0 rc1: Already commented on a post last November that we didn't see movement about this minimalist distribution (no more than 55 MB). Now they go through RC1 and we expect the final release in a few weeks. I will make a review here, but remember that I talked about it here and here. | > piCore 6.0 rc1

  • Stream The Raspberry Pi Camera over Websockets HTML5: Tutorial to send the streaming of the Camera-Pi through a Websocket HTML5. |

handlet portable

Handled Linux Terminal. I want one of those.
  • HOWTO create a handled linux terminal: Honestly what most caught my attention in this tutorial is the design of the web, very cool. You'll get following this steps a "laptop" with a Raspberry Pi A+ as you can see in the photo that accompanies these lines. |

Bananian 15.01 with enable hardware acceleration. Click to enlarge
  • Bananian Linux 15.01 released: This distribution improve week after week: Full support for new Banana Pro and BPI-R1, new hardware-configuration tool, new packages included by default to support WIFI cards... All fit in one image of 2 GB. |

Arch Linux on my Banana Pi running some task. Click to enlarge
  • Arch Linux for Banana Pi by Ryad: We all know how tedious it is to configure a Linux distro like Arch. Thanks to Ryad, it's easier with this custom OS based on version 1412 (kernel 3.4.103): sunxi-tools (fex2bin, bin2fex, etc.), fbturbo, slim, lxde, xfce4, yaourt, mplayer & XBMC Gotham. | RYAD'S BLOG > Banana Pi / Arch Linux / Customized Distribution

Happy weekend!

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