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As a developer, I have no choice to be the latest in terms of technologies, methodologies and new systems that make my day easier to carry the day. I use Vagrant and want to migrate to Docker, which is one of those technologies that I love him more attention. Is it worth it?

For those who do not know, Vagrant lets you create a separate virtual environment to your main operating system. The goal is for all developers working on a project basis and then there are no problems when launching the releases in the production center, for example.

Vagrant use VirtualBox. With a few commands, you have a virtualized OS ready to develop with your favorite language.

Docker is the same, but no need to create a complete virtual machine. It uses a small engine with a client and a server, and shares the kernel of your main OS, being more efficient.

Govinda Fichtner has created an operating system based on Raspbian for Raspberry Pi with Docker 1.5.0 and kernel 3.18.8. You will not have to install anything else. It supports OverlayFS, which in theory sweeps alternatives such as lvm or btrfs. Images to prepare a machine with Node.js, Java or Python should be compatible with ARM, but that they had already designed and created multiple repositories adapted to the ARM processors can be found in this link.


DD image (~347MB): Docker-Pi

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