Some emulators updated

Some emulators updated


Long time I had not entered my favorite section of the forums: Games. Today I found several updates and some additions did not know, like an Amstrad CPC emulator coming with an Alpha version very promissing...

Emulators have updated their binaries are:


  • Unreal Speccy Portable (ZX Spectrum), in version 0.064 includes the following improvements: gamepad support, able to browse files inside .zip archives,.szx/.rzx/.fdi support,memory leaks, uninitialized vars, etc. fixed | > Unreal Speccy Portable


  • uae4all2 (Amiga), Compiled by Chips, this version bring CPU frequency beyond 28 MHz, you can adjust the resolution by parameters and supports new joysticks. | forum


  • Picodrive 1.91 by Chips. Looks like this guy work hard to improve emulators that we already had. Good for him (and for us). In this case, he improve Picodrive compiled by Notaz with dynarec activated and OpenGL ES upscaling. | foro


  • CapriceRPI2 (Amstrad CPC) is an Amstrad CPC emulator ported by a Spanish guy using scaling GPU hardware and to be a first version looks pretty good. Valid for Raspberry Pi 2 only. |

Of course, I've updated and added these emulators to PiKISS along with some games so you don't have to fight a lot when installing.


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