VOLKSPC OS to the ODROID-C1 board


Can you imagine an operating system that can run a Debian & Android systems at the same time?. The project exists and is called VolksPC...

VolksPC distribution running KitKat and MATE desktop on ODROID-C1

The problem is that it was an Indiegogo campaign already ended without getting funding, but you can also download an image. Some details to consider:

  • 566MB of free memory at 720P resolution and about 500MB of free memory at 1080P.

  • Android supports GPU and OpenGL ES applications. Debian does not support GPU at this time.

Download: mega.nz > volkspcimg.zip (613 MB)

Link: indiegogo.com > Port VOLKSPC OS to the ODROID-C1 board

Link: volkspc.org

Link: forum.odroid.com

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