(Odrobian) Debian Jessie 8.2 MATE with KODI for C1/C1+


I admit, I've been a fan of Ubuntu from its early versions, but makes a couple of versions that I do not use. As good Distro Hopper, I've been changing my operating system both iMac and the RPI/ODROID, and I have a list of favorites. Among them has always been Debian, and today I found this gem developed by another admirer of C1/XU4 like me. Let's meet Odrobian.


Odrobian is a Debian Jessie 8.2 image with Mate Desktop Environment all accelerated by Mali-X11 drivers and overclockable easily through simple commands. Some special features are:

  • Kodi 15.2 with OpenGLESv2 along with AMlogic VPU optimizations.

  • Chromium Browser v45 accelerated with GLshim 1.5 wrapper.

  • Odroid Official Repositories.

  • USB auto-mount.

  • Uncompressed image size: 1.95GB.

  • Overclocking commands: overclock-boast (1.7Ghz), overclock-med (1.8Ghz), overclock-high (1.9Ghz), overclock-turbo (2.0Ghz).

  • youtube-dl integrated.

Link: forum.odroid.com

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