Minimal Debian Jessie image for the ODROID by Meveric


The best part about Linux is its high level of customization. If you have some knowledge, build your own distribution is a difficult but rewarding task. At the end of the day, the operating system is where we spent most of the time and is like a new home: You decide whether empty or furnished purchases. Today I bring you an operating system for your ODROID X/XU4/XU3 by the great meveric.

  • Resize on first boot and it configure SSH.

  • Kernel & headers installed.

  • ntp, htop, mc, vim and bash-completion.

  • Login: root | Password: odroid

  • Tested for install and run XBMC, Chromium, games with 3D support,....

If you want to install a Desktop (LXDE is my best recommendation):

apt-get upodate
apt-get install xf86-video-armsoc-odroid
apt-get install mali400-odroid
cd /etc/X11

Link: > Debian Jessie X (81 MB)

Link: > Debian Jessie XU4/XU3 (99 MB)

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