openMSX 0.13.0 for Raspberry Pi


[Patrick](, member from [openMSX Team]( has invited me to compile and prepare a binary for the community. So here I leave it for *Raspberry Pi*. It's version *0.13.0* and if you choose to install from [PiKISS]( will be able to choose to install the binary or automatically compile it (it takes about 50 minutes, so be patient). I leave you with the link to the binary and another surprise ...

Uridium msx gameplay

**EXTRA!:** If you install from *PiKISS* also have other advantages:

  • Add *Homebrew* game called *Uridium*.

  • Optimize the emulator through the file *settings.xml* which is automatically installed.

I want to thank *Patrick* for helping me with the script when I was solving a problem with the compiler.

Download .deb: [openmsx_0.13.0_armhf.deb](

Download (BIOS): [ROM images](

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