openMSX 0.13.0 for Raspberry Pi


Patrick, member from openMSX Team has invited me to compile and prepare a binary for the community. So here I leave it for Raspberry Pi. It's version 0.13.0 and if you choose to install from PiKISS will be able to choose to install the binary or automatically compile it (it takes about 50 minutes, so be patient). I leave you with the link to the binary and another surprise ...

Uridium msx gameplay

EXTRA!: If you install from PiKISS also have other advantages:

  • Add Homebrew game called Uridium.

  • Optimize the emulator through the file settings.xml which is automatically installed.

I want to thank Patrick for helping me with the script when I was solving a problem with the compiler.

Download .deb: openmsx0.13.0armhf.deb

Download (BIOS): ROM images

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