Connect to Raspbian through VNC from macOS (no additional soft required)


Yes, I am not discovering anything new, but I confess one thing: I hate to install new applications if my operating system already comes with the software installed, and in this case both Raspbian and macOS comes with the necessary tools, but maybe we just don't know that...

[ Raspbian ]

The first will be to enable access by VNC. We go to Menu > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration and we need to enable the access as in the following capture:


raspi-config GUI

A new icon will appear in the Taskbar to access the options of the VNC server. Press right button > options and change the authentication system to VNC password. Now ask us to add a password that will need to input when we remotely need access to our Raspbian desktop.

VNC Server options. Click to enlarge.

[ macOS ]

You have two options: opening Terminal and...

open vnc://RaspberryPi_ip

where RaspberryPi_ip is the IP of your Pi, or from Finder with Cmd+K and adding the vnc connection.

macOS with Raspbian remote desktop. Click to enlarge.

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