BENJA based on Electron for Raspberry Pi and ODROID


BENJA stands for Bootable Electron Node Js Application. It is an operating system mounted over Arch Linux with software prepared to be used in Kiosk mode. It has pre-installed Node.js, rasp-io for access to in/out ports, in addition to johnny-five, which is no longer That a framework based on Javascript used for robotics and IoT.

Benja HTML5 Canvas driven Papirus

It supports several boards, including ODROID and Raspberry Pi. The power that is giving many users with HTML and JavaScript knowledge to develop their own desktop applications thanks to Electron, makes it very easy to develop decent front ends. I encourage you to install it and if you want to learn a little more about Electron, here I leave you a free course developed by Cameron Nokes for the platform.


Link: Electron applications in a Raspberry Pi with BENJA > Part 1

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