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Hello everyone!.

You know what?. I've been keeping a little secret since before the summer. It is a pending task that I had, I am very excited to do and I hope you like it. On Monday we'll unveil it, so while you wait for spectators in front of the screens of your devices, I'm going to summarize the best of this crazy Pi world in the next post.

I apologize to my English readers for the fact that I have never fully translated this section and I do comments on each post in the Spanish version. It's due lack of time, but I'll try to work it out in future posts starting with this one.

Let's go!

Video of the week: SHOWDOWN: Rock64 vs Raspberry Pi 3


  • tomxplayer: re-written, improved, and re-released: I don't usually use the Pi to watch videos on Raspbian or Ubuntu Mate, but we need a useful solution to avoid using the console, and tomxplayer is the ideal app for playing multimedia content in a window. By the way, it includes integration with Youtube! |


Do you know what game is it?
  • Create a text-based adventure game with Futurelearn: Python is not my ideal programming language. I've always tried to avoid it, maybe because everyone says it's too easy and I like the tough challenges. Not that I'm going to create a blog in Go but look, if you tell me I'm going to learn it for free and thanks to conversational adventures, things change... How I miss these games! |
  • Assault Cube on Raspberry Pi 3: Awesome, I'm looking forward to finding some time to incorporate it into PiKISS. As you can see, it's a first-person multiplayer Counter Strike like engine. |


  • Visioneer AI glasses that provide traffic information and obstacle avoidance for the visually impaired: These glasses remind me Tom Cruise and Dragon Ball. The prototype is somewhat coarse, but the result is as expected: To help people with visual impairment to be informed of the obstacles they may encounter in their path. |

  • HomePi – What we will build: Elena sometimes gets jealous when I talk to Siri, but she doesn't know that I'm building a similar AI like Weird Science to help me in some tasks. Patrick is doing a series of articles to create a Google Home based on the Rapsberry Pi to do something similar to what I am building... what happens is that mine will look like similar to Kelly LeBrock or Jennifer Beals. |


  • Turn Your PocketCHIP Into a Badass On-The-Go Hardware Hacker’s Terminal: I love this board with a screen and keyboard because of its size, and you can take it with you everywhere. Someone has found it useful for testing hardware and if this task is part of your job, you should consider acquiring one. |

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Happy weekend!

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