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Great success of the webinar this week! I thank you for the good reception and as always, I am not completely satisfied with the result, especially for the words that I repeat until satiety and for the simplest part that did not work to mount a light server Git, because of a silent installation of XCode at the last minute (Grr). However, the steps you see in the video are the right ones even if they didn't work for me. Otherwise, I will continue to report on the Pi at least on Fridays, and today is Friday. So there goes a ration of news about the Pi World.

Video of the week: Webinar KeepCoding- Raspberry Pi for Devops (Spanish)
  • How to upgrade the ODROID-XU4 Android eMMC module to the latest OS version: It sounds silly, but it's not so simple or at least I always jumped a couple of steps and I never knew how to do it, I promise you. I'll leave it here just for reference. |


  • An open source 3D Scanner made with Raspberry Pi: Just... Wow! The post has some time but I haven't seen it until today. |


  • RetroPie 4.3 is released: You know what?. It's been a while since I've given RetroPie a chance and now that they've released version 4.3, it's time to see it in action, as it's given me many hours of entertainment while compiling my code. What's new: Power save mode, screen saver support, video playback, ODROID-XU3/4 support,... |


  • The History of Raspberry Pi by Eben Upton - Raspberry Jam South Africa: If Mr. Upton comes one day to Spain, I'll go to see him even if it's on the other side of the country. He's streaming for the Africa Jam audience. Spoilers!: There are some clues as to when the next version of the Raspberry Pi will come and it's not exactly soon... |

  • Getting a Raspberry Pi ready for NodeBots: Very basic and elementary, but if you know JavaScript you can communicate with your Pi in this language thanks to Johnny-five. |

Tweet of the week thanks to @nixcraft:

Happy weekend!

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