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The weekend starts. We're too hot around here. People go to the beach, go for a walk in pulling shirt and flip-flops. We have crowded bars... And here I am reading the latest issue of MagPi and playing the SNES Classic Mini emulator on my Raspberry Pi. Do you want to know how?.... We begin the Pi World!

VĂ­deo of the week: Raspberry Pi - SuperTuxKart
  • OpenMSX and the Raspberry Pi (Youtube): The binary of OpenMSX for Pi has been quite successful in this blog. Visitors and retweets have grown and I want to thank you. It gives me food for thought and I draw conclusions: You love emulators and surely you are in your thirties and long ones, he he. If so, I suggest you visit the following links of an expert in MSX computers who dares to add to the emulator a bridge with GPIO. Thanks again, Patrick. OpenMSX and the Raspberry Pi - Part 1... an introduction | OpenMSX and the Raspberry Pi - Part 2

snes mini

  • canoe-shvc to emulate the SNES Mini Classic on your Raspberry Pi: Thanks to a blog reader named Fran Sena, I was able to download from a lost repository the emulator for this game console of the last century. You will have to uncomment in /boot/config.txt the framebufferwidth and framebufferheight resolution. Let's remember that this is canoe-shvc. You need SDL2. I detail some of the steps:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install -y libsdl2-dev
sudo ln -s /opt/vc/lib/ /usr/lib/
sudo ln -s /opt/vc/lib/ /usr/lib/
fbset -vyres 1440
./canoe-shvc rom_name.sfrom

It seems to be very faithful to the original SNES, but the sound is not as good as it should be. In this emulator, ROMs have the .sfrom extension. Download it on > canoe-shvc | >


  • handeheld flip-screen console with retropie: Nice, isn't it? Well, in this forum thread they teach you how to assemble it. What are you waiting for? |


  • Supertuxkart on Raspberry Pi: Now we can play this Mario Kart clone in our RasPis. You dare? |

  • The MagPi Nov: Pi-Top, Pi-powered turtle rover, and another DIY for build a Machine arcade from scratch. |

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Happy weekend!

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