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Stars fall down, the sun gets cold, people go crazy... This is what I've seen in a dream for not publishing the news of Pi World in time. Lucky that the world depends on someone responsible like me...

Video of the week: The Ultimate KODI system - Android TV 7.1 on the Odroid XU4


  • IOT GARAGE DOOR OPENER FROM SCRAP: I've got a couple of C.H.I.P. at home and nothing to do with it. Can I borrow a garage? |


  • Building Android LineageOS: A Step-By-Step Guide: I've always wondered if it's easy or not to create your own operating system based on Android, here's a guide to ODROID. That's right, go making disk space in your HD. |


  • White Wii Nunchuck shaped Bluetooth Joystick: For a few bucks you can get one and use them with Raspbian and some other interesting emulator or development. |


  • ClusterHAT: Let me think again... A Raspberry Pi 3 with 4 Raspberry Pi Zero to create an invincible cluster... I want one of those HATs! |

  • Raspberry Pi Bartop Arcade Cabinet: I end up commenting on a fantastic project now that December is coming. Since Santa almost never bring me what I want, I will have to make it myself. If it happens to you like it does to me, you're welcome. |

Tweet of the week thanks to @DietPi_:

Happy weekend!

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