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I still have this book about Machine Language for MSX

This week I went to a hardware store to buy a light bulb. There I met an acquaintance from the neighborhood, no one with whom I have exchanged more than a couple of phrases in my life. And he said: "Hey, the other day looking for a MSX emulator, I found your blog and I'm freak out when I saw it was yours!". Then we began to remember these days when you were a kid and you had all the time in front of your computer to play or program in BASIC.

These situations tell me I'm a few years old, yes. But I'm glad to know that there are people who read this blog near me. I see people from all over the world come to read misapuntesde, especially from the USA, so today I dedicate this Pi World to you, my dear reader. Open without knocking, it's always open...

Video of the week: Diablo on ODROID-XU4


  • Home automated terrarium/aquarium or other enclosed environment with a Raspberry Pi: I've read it at hackaday and it might be worth it to someone if they have a few bugs at home. Keep warning and make sure it's not a Demodog. | > TerrariumPI


  • The Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book 3: This weekend you won't be bored reading everything that comes together in this new book as usual, free in pdf, although you can buy a print edition if you are interested. |


  • Kali Linux 2017.3 disponible: Updated to the latest version that includes new tools such as InSpy to search for people in LinkedIn or OSRFramework to list subdomains through 200 different services, among others utilities. |


  • Servo Controlled Time-Lapse Camera: Let's recognize them. We were all gawking at each other looking at one or the other time-lapse. This project teaches us how to control a servo to include programmed camera rotation. |

Twitter of the week thanks to @Paulius98:

Happy weekend!

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