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The Intelpocalypse begins!

How beginning of year! Did you read about the vulnerability of Intel processors?. It affects not only Intel, but also ARM and AMD. The consequences have not been long in coming: demands, patches for applications and operating systems,... We live in a world so dependent on CPUs that just the fact of thinking that anyone can get into our devices, is a little scary. It is no longer enough to think who will want my photos or documents. The point is, they can use your computer for crypto-coin mining or worse. It also affects the mobile phones, smart appliances or hosting that you have hired in case you haven't yet feared. Well, I'm going to find out if our beloved boards are vulnerable too and on the way I'm putting you some other references in this crazy Pi World...

Video of the week: RaspBerry Pi VS ORA on Odroid XU4: N64 Conker's Bad Fur Day Teaser


  • Build a Retro Arcade Game from a Raspberry Pi and an Ikea Table: Ikea has cheap furniture, and the Pi is cheap, the controls we can already get very cheap. What else do you need if it's not money? Ah, time... I'll leave you the link anyway. |

  • Upgrading a 3D printer with Octoprint: I'm already freeing myself of work so I can use my 3D printer which has been taking dust for two months. This tutorial will help you to add the Octoprint project to the printer and to extend the functionality that comes from the factory your printer with a control panel through the network. |


  • Playstation One Mini Raspberry Pi Zero case (1.3 or w): And speaking about 3D printing, here I leave you a PS One case for the Pi Zero very eye-catching. |

  • PiTeensyLaptop: Convert a Sony Vaio into a Portable Raspberry Pi and Teensy laptop |


  • 23C3: Using your car as a Video game controller: People are very crazy, and this proves it. Play using the OBD-II connector that almost all vehicles have with a Raspberry Pi, you can use the steering wheel of your car to play emulators. |


  • Vulnerability of Speculative Processors to Cache Timing Side-Channel Mechanism: Well, it seems that our Raspis can rest easy, since they are not vulnerable to attacks using Meltdown or Spectre. Remember that the processors used by Raspberry Pis are: ARM11 (Pi 1/Zero), ARM Cortex-A7 (Pi 2) and ARM Cortex-A53 (Pi 2/3). I'll expand on details if I get any news. |

Tweet of the week thanks to @FredBouchery:

Happy weekend!

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