News this week in the Pi World


While I am sitting in front of the mo-ni-tor, I am listening to the ra-di-o, while I am bored with some news that seem pointless. I suddenly get inspired, I hope it's not too late... It's a staaarman, waiting in the sky!

And yes, it's Friday, boys and girls! We are going to have fun with what has happened this week in the Pi World...

Video of the week: None interesting, really.


  • $25 Orange Pi Lite2 Board Comes with Allwinner H6 Processor, 802.11ac WiFi + BLE Module, USB 3.0, and More: And they count... but well, it's always better to have alternatives, even if your operating systems are not polished and everything seems to have been taken out lightly. Well, I don't say anything. Points I find interesting: 1 GB LPDDR3,802.11b/g/n/ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1,1x USB 3.0 port and 1x USB 2.0 host port. |

  • ODroid Wifi Access Point for sharing files via Samba: I've seen it and tested it in a RasPi some time ago, but not with an ODROID using hostapd, Samba and dhcp. |


  • Odroid XU4 With Apache MiniFi for IoT Ingest of Location: In this quick article, we show you how to get an Odroid XU4 up-and-running and ready for data ingestion for location using a GPS functionality. |


  • Q3lite - Quake III Arena for the Raspberry Pi: I like Quake II better than III, probably because I don't enjoy online games. Maybe it's because I'm sick of losing. Anyway, I liked it when I was stressed out to shoot this game a little bit. It may be worth compiling this version and adding it toPiKISS, what do you think? |


  • Adventuron, A Language For Creating Text Adventures: I have found the perfect language to start teaching my daughter programming. I think I have not yet escaped from the caves of Colossal cave and I am imagining how my life happens... |

  • Zero WH. Pre-soldered headers and what to do with them: Yeah, you want a 0W but you don't even have a screwdriver. Don't worry, just today the Rpi Foundation launch a new board just for you. You are welcome. |

Tweet of the week thanks to @tonybolanyo:

Translation: Next time you want to give up, look at this picture of Jeff Bezos in 1999.

Happy weekend!

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