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What project have you got planned for your Raspberry Pi this weekend? Me neither, really. But I'm sure ThemagPi magazine and some of the posts compiled in PiWorld will jump your Maker neurons. Come in if you dare!

Video of the week: Retro Raspberry Pi Zero Portable (Thousands of games!)


  • Kubernetes. It's alive!: Kubernetes is a system for the automation of deploys and handling of applications housed in containers such as Docker. Here you can find a guide with load balancing included. |


  • LibreELEC (Krypton) 8.2.3 MR: It's been a while since I've looked for information about this Media Center that fixes some errors with Samba. |


  • DietPi v6.0: If you have to mount a server or need the operating system faster, Debian Stretch-based DietPi is for you. They will soon be releasing a new, highly optimized version. If you already have it installed, you will need to download it again as it will not be updated due to the big changes it has. |


  • Rock64 4K USB 3.0 SBC: From the typical unboxing to how different operating systems behave on this new board of Pine64 guys. You can see its characteristics in its website. |


  • Boost your Raspberry Pi in Minutes: Overclocking Raspi is sometimes scary, but the fear as we know is due to ignorance. If you read this guide, I'm sure you'll lose it. |


  • The MagPi num 66: You've got enough not to get bored. Media centers, SBC culter,... |

  • Raspberry Pi Zero WiFi Car: Simple and concise. This DIY looks so easy that you'll want to make one this weekend. You dare? |

Tweet of the week thanks to @Hacksterio:

Happy weekend!

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