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Yeah, I know, last week there was no Pi World, don't look at me like that. It's a good thing I don't make a living writing on the blog. All I can do is compensate you with a double ration this week,... Aah, you're happy now, aren't you? How I know you....

Video of the week: Raspberry Pi TV and Film Appearances 2012-2017


  • L'ABBAYE DES MORTS (MEGADRIVE/GENESIS) (Free ROM): I'm a big fan of this game that we could already enjoy here natively for Raspberry Pi, and now we have a new version in a ROM for MegaDrive/Genesis with many skins and give it MSX, C64 skins, among others. |


  • Kali Linux 2018.1 Release: New version of this operating system focused on security and pentesting. Upgrading Kernel, its corresponding package upgrades and something else you can read at

  • packagemain #6: Building Face Detection Go Bot for Raspberry Pi. Part 1 (Youtube): Go It's a language that fascinates me, and I haven't dedicated it yet. |


  • Using SquashFS As A Read-Only Root File System SquashFS is a fairly robust read-only file system. If you need a system that doesn't depend on writing to your SDs, this system can be a good candidate. |


  • Omv remote free (Android): If you use Open Media Vault to store your files, with this application you can access them from your smartphone. |


  • Jedi Knight on Raspberry Pi: I haven't been to the forums in a while. The same questions, doubts and curiosities are always asked, but I've been struck by these binaries for Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. I'm going to try as soon as I can. |


  • ODROID Magazine Feb: Some other article that always comes in handy, like the one I've linked you up above about SquashFS that I found interesting, sharing files via Samba and lots of games to play with retro emulators. |


  • Join is coming to NodeRED: For anyone who doesn't know, Join is an app for Android that connects different devices through the Google API. Node Red is a server that you can install in your RPi among many other boards to encode code through nodes. Imagine something like Scratch through a web browser. |

Tweet of the week thanks to @NTAuthority:

Happy weekend!

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