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This week I was finally able to test the 3D printer that had been taking powder for half a year. The incredible thing is the precision we have achieved and how well calibrated it is to be the first time we use it. From here, you can improve it with a Raspberry Pi+OctoPi, some camera with which you can see if everything is going well, etc....

Let's take a look at what has happened these days in the Pi World...

Video of the week: Monster Joystick Raspberry Pi 3 Powered Arcade Stick Assembly And Test


  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi Zero W Wireless: An article that is never too much to read to get an idea of what we can achieve with a 0W. Ideal for beginners. |


  • Building a digital photoframe: One of the things I want to do in my life, apart from setting up a gaming machine, is a photo frame DIY. This is one of the most complete I've ever seen and I'm writing it down. |


  • DIY Text-to-Speech with Raspberry Pi: It's fun to see how this device reads what you put in front of it, but it's also quite useful for people with visual impairment. Although I see these projects more as a personal challenge than anything else. Can't you do the same with a cell phone today? |


  • How to install Android on Raspberry Pi (1920x1080 resolution): This post is a month old, but I don't remember commenting on it. You can already see some progress to run Android on our Pi. This time they make use of the LineageOS distribution, which they say is scandalous. |


  • NODE¬ís Updated Pi Plug 2 Turns Your Raspberry Pi Zero W into a Tiny Server: A Pi 0W that you can plug into a mobile phone adapter for server use. |


  • The perfect Bitcoin Lightning node: I don't have much interest in bitcoins. I think it's a passing fad that they're making a few people rich, even illegally. But in his day I tried my luck with that mining thing and won almost a bitcoin, which to know where it is. No, I haven't looked it up in the tangle of CDs I have at home. I remember putting it in a wallet and it's impossible for me to remember the password I gave him. Anyway, it's beside the point. If you're interested in the topic, this is your post. |


  • Controlling Octoprint on the go: OctoPrint offers you a web interface through a server to have full control of your 3D machine. Everything is very nice but if you are away from home, the control gets a little complicated. In this article they show you alternatives to connect to OctoPrint. That is, through mobile phone with applications such as Printoid. |

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Happy weekend!

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