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This Tuesday something happened to me that made me sad. I posted an article about the new version of Recalbox on the blog and when I wanted to share it in the big Raspberry Pi community on Google Plus, I couldn't do it because I had been banned from the community. Sometimes I often share my content in that community, but perhaps maybe they would feel bad or I did it on an ongoing basis. I don't know because I don't publish much either, really. You feel frustrated when these things happens, because sometimes I think it has become my duty to report on certain content that are often passed in a world with so many ingenious projects, DIY and look at what a crack I am and what I have done with my Pi.

Not all of us are hackers or have enough time to be one, but I can spare time during the week to comment and spread content. I don't make money with the blog as I have said many times and I don't intend to. I even think that I have a sloppy blog and that it needs a facelift NOW. But getting back to the subject, I didn't feel part of a community I've loved since I was born and maybe you don't think it's a big deal either, but it hurt.

I tried to remedy it. Once you get kicked out it's impossible to contact the owner, but I saw that Alex from was also the moderator and I was able to contact him via Hangouts. He told me it wasn't my fault. Sometimes Google Plus thinks you're spamming and it automatically blocks you. A sigh of relief, my account was unbloqued and I was able to get in. Thank you, Alex.

Same day on Twitter, Mike Horne @recantha, a great community communicator who I think he doesn't like me, retweeted my blog's post. I didn't feel so bad that day. :)

Maybe it's my mind, I don't know, but none of this makes me want to keep keeping you informed about the Pi and other boards and I want to continue doing that in my free time in english and spanish, so here we are another Friday, with your section of the Pi World. Thank you for being there.

Video of the week: N64 Test Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus RetroPie 1580MHZ Overclock


  • LibreELEC (Krypton) 8.2.4 MR: I missed this new version adapted to Pi 3B+ that came out last week. Check it out! |


  • The ultimate Guide to Raspbian and other Raspberry Pi Software: An extensive article for the new owners of a Raspberry Pi board where you will learn something of its official operating system called Raspbian and the alternatives available to you. Very complete and well explained. |


  • rpix86 frozen until new advise: Yes, I know it hasn't been updated for at least three years now, but this week I contacted Patrick, the developer of the best x86 emulator I've used to play the old glories of MS-DOS called rpix86, to tell if he was ever going to continue it. Told me that he is working on other projects, but he doesn't rule out working on the emulator again. We're all waiting for you, Patrick. Cheer up and keep going!.

  • Benchmarking the Raspberry Pi 3 B+: New test bench for the Pi 3B+ where we will learn that heat is more distributed at high temperatures and not so much focused on the CPU and how it performs better with each new version they release. |

Tweet of the week thanks to @nmaas87:

Happy weekend!

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