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Last Saturday was World Backup Day, and this weekend I have dedicated it to making copies of the copy to avoid the cold sweat when you lose your data. We have become digital dependents of zeros and ones and I tell you one thing: it's okay if you lose some data (but just in case...). Now I'm here listening to Billy Joel and taking a walk through the most interesting websites I can collect for you about Pi. So make yourself comfortable and enjoy yourself. By the way is going to disappear, so I let you on the side panel direct link to the Google Docs.

Video of the week: Stripping a Raspberry Pi to make it fit in your project!


  • The MagPi Magazine 68: In this issue, the main protagonist, of course, is RPi 3B+. There are also articles about robots, building a smart fan or some programming with Python + Minecraft.|


  • Raspberry Pi RetroPie Shutdown Button: It never hurts to remember these kinds of simple tutorials to feel like DIY kings. It's a simple button, don't get cocky when you ride it at home. |


  • The Internet of Teeth: Nothing to do with the Pi. Perhaps there will come a day when we can implant a RasPi in a tooth, but this sensor will allow us to dream of a world full of humans with implants to know their health status, where they are at any time or if you have not brushed your teeth for a few days. |

  • Cross Compiling For Raspbian: There's no need to compile on the Pi and take an hour for it to fail. You can find the first part here. |

  • No Keyboard, Ethernet & Monitor: Setting up Raspberry Pi in headless Mode: Well, it's helped me to set up my Pi without having to plug it in via Ethernet and other stories when you use a Raspbian just installed. |

  • An Amiga 500 for the 21st century: Some of you who have been following me for a long time will know that I always wanted to have an Amiga 500. In the end I opted for a PC/286 and these tutorials make me want to buy one online and see what it can do with a connected Pi. In this tutorial even the floppy drive works. WAit for, you don't know what a floppy drive is? Buff!. |

Tweet of the week thanks to @DietPi_:

Happy week!

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