News this week in the Pi World... Xmas Edition!


Before the end of the year, I would like to say that many things have happened to me, good and bad, but at least we are here to tell you about it. I'm on vacation and I'm going to dedicate it to the house (I'm already an expert in assembling Ikea furniture), the family and also to that leisure time that I sincerely need, and a lot. That's why the first thing I thought was to catch up and save some links I've been most interested in lately. I will also continue updating Google Docs. So I leave you with this compilation, and I end wishing you my dear readers, a Merry Christmas and I hope the next year we can continue messing with our beloved boards and those that are to come ...

Video of the week: ODROID H2 First Look - Benchmarks - Gameplay - Emulation


  • How to Build a Low-tech Website?: A web server that's powered only by solar energy? I think I've already seen and commented it here. Of course, if it rains or is cloudy, It will be turned off. We found this one in Barcelona and although it seems taken from the beginning of the 90's, i's worth reading. |

  • Hack My House: Running Raspberry Pi Without An Sd Card: With the appearance of Pi 3, we have the possibility to use the PXE booting and boot our beloved board through the local network instead of using the MicroSD. |

  • How to Emby server with hardware transcoding in ODROID XU4: A problem I have with Plex on the Pi is related to some kind of old TV shows I have in formats as archaic as .avi, which does not get along well when it comes to being retransmitted to other devices like my iPhone. I can't wait to see what the ODROID XU4 is capable of in this sense.. |


  • Raspberry Pi Pet Detector Camera Using Python, TensorFlow, and Twilio: This boy who saw how his cat looked at him through the window explains it better to you. The owner thinks it's because the cat wants to get in, but it just looks to see if his owner has died already. In the description you have all the necessary links to make it work. | Youtube

  • Cross compiling OpenCV 4 for Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black: They teach you how to cross compile the latest version of OpenCV. |


  • ODROID Magazine December: In this issue to end the year, there are many interesting articles that you can download in pdf or read directly from the web. Among them I wanted to highlight one about a version of DosBOX optimized for ARMv7, how to build you a Tricorder with a ODROID-GO and continue commenting on the benefits of the new ODROID-H2 board that I hope to buy next year... |

Happy holidays to everybody!

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