New OpenMSX 0.15 for Raspberry Pi!

OpenMSX 0.15. Click to enlarge.

The best MSX emulator is already here loaded with new features! If you're a fan of this emulator or the MSX of the last century, come in and I've prepared a .deb package for you to enjoy along with the recommendation of a game to have fun.

[ Changelog ]

I've compiled it for Raspbian Stretch. You have the news here. I'll summarize some of them for you:

  • Support for ColecoVision, Musical Memory Mapper and Carnivore 2

  • Fixed 16 year old bug regarding sprites behaviour

  • Performance improvements: several fixes to improve start-up time

  • Fixed crash in hq/hqlite scalers in interlace modes

  • Upgraded C-BIOS to release 0.29a

[ Install ]


The .deb file is available at the end of the article for Raspbian. To install it, download and execute the following:

sudo dpkg -i openmsx_0.15.0_armhf.deb

If you want to extend the information a little more and that the emulator has a better performance, you can follow the article I published long time ago about the previous version of the emulator here.

[ Extra ]


Phantomas saga infinity

I let you with the link to a website where games are collected from many 8-bit computers. The recommendation this time is Phantomas saga infinity that does not need presentation, and if you do not know it, you are already taking time to visit the web.

Download: > openmsx0.15.0-1armhf.deb

Download ROM-BIOS: >