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This week is necessary to make a review of everything that has involved the controversial case of charging the Raspberry Pi 4 and its "intentional" design failure. I'm doing my own tests to the new board that has kindly given me the best store where to buy a Raspberry Pi + accessories and other boards in Spain, which is of course, There are many other things to write in this summary of the always exciting Pi World, so... what are you waiting for?

Video of the week: Raspberry Pi 4B vs Jetson Nano by ExplainingComputers
  • Raspberry Pi 4 y el USB-C: It was to be expected that they would ever screw up, and it was with Pi4. The community didn't like this very much because they changed the original design to use their custom USB-C design and they say it was intentional and that maybe could be fixed in future versions of the board. You can extend the information in,,, or

  • PSP emulator on Raspberry Pi 4 PPSSPP games test (Youtube): I've already won this video for the unique way of powering the RasPi at home. Yes, the PSP emulation runs almost perfectly with the 4 Gb version. There are also other interesting videos in the channel to learn how to configure the PPSSPP emulator. | > leepspvideo


  • 4 Ways to cool a raspberry pi 4: Very big fan of this channel since they tested the Atomic Pi and now cool the new Pi with several cooling systems to see which is the most convenient. | > Novaspirit Tech


  • Make A Compatible Raspberry Pi Clone - But Your Pi Must Die: We don't see many Pi clones that incorporate Broadcom's SoC due to the supply monopoly of the original. Here a guy keep the SoC and create "something" that is not bad at all, it is not a Pi but it is as small as a postage stamp. |


  • La Raspberry Pi 4 with a compatible version of Kali Linux: The distros are having to pull their socks up to give compatibility as soon as possible to the new member of the family. One of them has been Kali Linux, the most known distribution for pentesting and security, with this release only for 32-bit. |


  • Gameboy Zero 6 Button Board from Aliexpress: A PCB that fits into the Gameboy's casing and is intended for a RPi Zero. Great and doesn't look so complicated! |


  • Raspberry Pi 4 as Perfect Indie Console: I'm a fan of Godot Engine for various reasons, and I've been following its development for years. We already knew that it could run on the Raspberry Pi as I commented here, but not having full OpenGL ES 2 support, was not going well at all games developed in 3D, but has improved quite a lot on the new board. We hope the full support for GLES 3 won't be too long. Krzysztof Jankowski tells us on his blog |

Twitter of the week thanks to @w84death:

Happy weekend!

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