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Good day to all of you!. Already rested from a long vacation?. Great!. I've been a little disconnected from this World except for the Atomic Pi, but hey!, now I want to explode my Pi4 again!.

If you want to find fresh news about this crazy Pi World,... I'll be waiting for you inside!

Video of the week: Novaspirit Tech > Raspberry pi 4 64 bit kernel


  • Rock Pi X Is The Latest Raspberry Pi Rival With Intel Atom x5 Power For Just $39: Several rival have come out in the last few months (Have you read anything about the Khadas VIM3L?), but this one is the one that has caught my attention the most, perhaps because It have a x86 inside. It comes with several configurations that bring WiFi (or not, you choose), and you can choose from 1 to 4 GB. |

  • Can You Really Use The Raspberry Pi 4 As A Desktop Machine? One of those articles that makes us reconsider and see if it's really worth having a Pi as a desktop computer. I haven't really tried it, but it's a challenge, don't you think? |


  • Running Azure functions in Docker on a Raspberry Pi 4: Docker containers save us a good headache when deploying any software. In this case they use it as a system to mount a .NET Core Azure Function running on the Pi. |


  • The MagPi issue 84 & 85: Summer projects, learn LUA with PICO-8, build a low-cost robot or configure SSH in the Raspberry Pi are some of the articles we can read in the issue 84 and continue with the tutorial on PiCO-8, Build a Super-fast NAS drive or Build a GPIO Music box in the Raspberry Pi inside the issue 85.

  • ...buster InRelease change its Sutio value from testing to stable: What a messenger I found when I tried sudo apt-get update with the June version of Raspbian. Lucky you can fix it you can download the July iso or by running the following: sudo apt update --allow-releaseinfo-change. To see all the packages you can update, apt list --upgradable. By the way, in my aliases I have a command to download the latest iso available using axel:

alias drasp='axel -n 4 -k'


  • Getting Started with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit: Probably one of the SBC best rated by users in terms of performance. If we don't think about the economic barrier and want to spend a little more on a good board, this article will make you decide without thinking about it. Includes tutorial on how to use TensorRT to Machine learning! |


  • LibreELEC (Leia) 9.2 Beta1 Release: We don't have to wait a few weeks to see the Kodi's update in distributions like LibreELEC. It's already available and I hope that a fix has been entered solving the error with the black screen with certain emulators. |](

  • No hdmi signal on Pi4 using "hdmi1" after upgrading: This Pi4 is giving quite a few problems, yeah it's truth, but they are being solved, so I recommend your purchase if you do not have the Pi3. Now Raspbian shows nothing on my Samsung TV when I update and restart. The trick is to use the HDMI 0 (the one near the USB-C) and try some testing solutions shown in these links: |

Happy Weekend!

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